ATTN Indoor Sports Dome Builders: Please Make This Man’s Dome Dreams Come True


Jamey Carnes is looking for an indoor sports dome builder. He’s also looking for a dedicated team of fundraisers and advisors.

That’s because Jamey has a dream. And that dream involves a dome.

Not just any dome, mind you. The vision in his mind is that of what he calls a super-facility, like Farley’s air dome structure built for Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports in Lockport, Illinois.

“That would be one with batting cages and tennis courts and a field,” Jamey told the local paper in his hometown of Egg Harbor. Such a facility, according to him, would be over $4 million dollars.

But Jamey isn’t a millionaire sports-legend-turned-businessman like Bo Jackson. He’s a 43 year old pipefitter in a town of 20,000 people. But he is determined to make his sports dome dreams come true.

Why is he adamant about building a facility like one of Farley’s air dome structures? Well, for one, the small community of Egg Harbour doesn’t have an all-season sports dome at this point in time. That means sports like soccer and lacrosse are shuttered in the town when the weather turns cold (unless you’re willing to trek to the neighbouring Toms River or Egg Harbor City.) Building a dome in Egg Harbor would give the town’s teams a place to practice their game year-round.

But that’s not the only reason. The driving force behind Jamey’s quest is the simplest thing of all: love.

Last fall, Jamey lost his wife Jennifer. It was not only a crushing blow to him, but to their community as well; Jennifer was an elementary school teacher and a figure in the local Pinelands Soccer Association.

“I want to call the sports-bubble Jennifer’s Place,” says Jamey. “It is going to be her legacy of giving.”

But the road to building Jennifer’s Place is not going to be an easy one. Jamey isn’t looking for government funding. He wants the facility to be built without taxpayer dollars. That means he’ll need to find some way to raise the $4 million necessary to get the dome off the ground.

He’s taken the first steps to making that happen, consulting with lawyers and accountants in the process of setting up a non-profit. He and a partner have even purchased a 4.4-acre plot of land that will be the future home of Jennifer’s Place. Indoor sports dome builders, this is where you come in. You can make this kind-hearted pipefitter’s dreams come true.

Come on, guys. Do the right thing. Make this man’s dome dreams come true.

Kids Sporting Activities


Are you wondering which activities your kids would enjoy the most when they’re young?  There are many sports activities such as soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, dance and tennis.  Then there are the arts activities.  These include music, drawing, crafts and writing.  Depending on what your kids are interested in, you should definitely enroll them in many different activities, so they are able to determine which one they like best. 

It’s always a good idea to put your kids through both sports and arts activities so they can be well rounded.  You can also figure out quickly which they lean more towards or if they enjoy both equally. 

Most kids need these leisure activities in addition to school and homework.  They are able to learn skills through these outside of school activities and bond with children from different schools as well.  Children can also use these activities as an outlet for their emotions that they might not know how to express. 

Cottages: Where To Get The Best Cottage In North America


People love their cottages. Its great to take some time during the summer, get out of the city, and get out into some peace and quiet, serenity. There are many types of cottages: some are on lakes, rivers, streams, in woods, on rocks, on islands, etc. Some people like to golf when they are at their cottage, while others like to just relax with a drink by the water. There are many types of cottage relaxation techniques. Some people like to golf during the day and then have a nice bbq dinner- others like to maybe watch movies on a rainy day. Ideally the weather is nice and so you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the northern summer. Not a lot of people have cottages in the south- some people have all sorts of different environments to enjoy cottages. There are a lot of different ways to find yourself a nice prefab cottages such as through a friend, family or even an advertisement.

There are a lot of good places to get a nice cottage in both Canada and the United States! If you live near the Atlantic ocean you likely own a beach house, which is the same thing as a cottage. There are a number of downsides to ownership of a cottage especially if it isn’t weatherized. You may find that you can afford a Viceroy Homes in which case you are definitely going to be interested in getting yourself a nice enjoyable beach house or per-fabricated style home.

Here’s a list of the best spots to cottage in north America: Oregon is amazingly nice, Province town Rhode Island, Atlanta Georgia , as well as Maine and the Canadian Shield. For each of these cities you may find a tonne of different company that builds prefabricated cottages and for each of these you find that the people are great.