Picky Eater? 7 Creative Things Can Do with the Herbs You Grow

So, you’ve received an indoor herb grower for your house. It’s a thoughtful and generous gift – essentially, like gifting a lifetime of tasty meals and sweet scents.

But you’re picky.

And that’s okay.

There are lots of creative, useful things you can do with that herb grower that don’t involve eating the fruits of your labour. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Enjoy the Smell of a Simmer Pot

Simmer pots are huge on Pinterest, and for good reason. Not only do they fill your home with delicious natural scents, but they do it in an extremely photogenic way. Use your homegrown bay leaves, rosemary and other nice things you grow.

2. Make Beautiful Homemade Soaps

Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, mint and rosemary make for excellent natural soap ingredients. Just dehydrate them in the oven first and use them in your homemade soap formula of choice. Easy!

3. Make Unique Wall Art

That herb grower could lead you on the path to an awesome new art hobby. Turning pressed herbs into botanical wall art is easier than you think. Maybe you can gift one to the kind soul who got you that indoor herb grower for your house!

4. Up Your Cleaning Game

Fresh herbs aren’t as potent as essential oils, but they can still lend to great DIY cleaning supplies. Lavender is a powerful odour-buster; eucalyptus has antibacterial properties; mint is a harmless pesticide. Give it a try.

5. Drive Away Pests

Bugs and rodents hate the smell of peppermint. It’s not that they find it unpleasant – it’s that the smell is overpowering. Believe it or not, spraying warm water mixed with peppermint oil (or freshly-grown peppermint) is a harmless but effective way to repel unwanted pests.

6. Give them Away

You may not enjoy the taste of fresh herbs, but I’ll bet your friends and coworkers would love a cutting from your indoor garden. It could be your go-to homemade gift for holidays and gift exchanges.

7. Get Your Cat High

Not interested in smelly stuff like lavender or culinary herbs like oregano? Grow some catnip. Milo and Ollie will love you for it.